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Tokya – Midtown Manhattan Nightclub


360 Degrees of Projection Mapping

We designed a state of the art projection system for midtown Manhattan’s hottest new nightclub, Tokya. 360 degree projections surround the dance floor with digital artwork allowing the decor of the room to change with the push of a button.

We also synchronized the venue’s lighting system with the projected art creating a unified look for the venue. For this permanent installation, we used 5 projectors to create immersive projected artworks surrounding the dance floor. This multi-use venue serves as a restaurant, event space and nightclub making digital projections the perfect solution for the decor. During restaurant hours, the projected artworks create a unique mood that slowly evolves during dinner.  

On club nights, the 360 degree projection and lighting system are controlled by a live VJ from our team keeping the lights, visuals and music in sync throughout the night. The artwork will continue to evolve each week ensuring each night is new and exciting.

All content adapted by Integrated Visions Productions Most Content created by Integrated Visions Productions Several scenes created by Pixel Rain Digital Additional content by Luminator, HybridVisuals, and Muzencab.


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