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The One Club’s Creative Week


The One Club’s Creative Week at Stage 37

Event Produced by Overland Entertainment.

Projection mapping by Integrated Visions Productions.

Technical direction by Bryan Dodson.

Directed by Michelle Dodson.

Sound Design by Adam Barfield.

Animation by Integrated Visions Productions, Pixel Rain Projections, and Reelmind Studio.

Projection support by WorldStage Lighting Design by David Overcamp

In 2014 Integrated Visions was hired by The One Club to design an immersive projection-mapped backdrop for The One Club’s Creative Week. Integrated Visions worked closely with the event’s producers, Overland Entertainment, to execute the project. Four 12,000 lumen projectors were used to map the entire backdrop as well as part of the set, creating a massive dynamic surface for which Integrated Visions produced 17 separate animated scenes correlating to different parts of the event. The One Club’s Award Show honors the very best amongst an industry that has been a driving force behind the growth of projection mapping as a medium, and as such Integrated Visions could not have been more honored to use that same medium to visually transform such a landmark event in the most vibrant way possible.


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