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Check Yourself - Paula Abdul


In September 2014, to promote breast cancer awareness and education, Avon engaged Badger and Winter to produce their “Check Yourself” public service campaign, featuring Paula Abdul in an innovative music video highlighting the importance of breast self-exams as well as general breast health and charitable donations toward research and prevention.  To achieve these goals in the most dynamic way possible, Badger and Winter, director Mark Klasfeld, and Rockhard Films collaborated with video projection mapping experts Integrated Visions Productions to create a large projection mapped backdrop for the set as well as an incredibly innovative projection display mapped directly onto Ms. Abdul’s body.

For creation of the media to drive these displays, Integrated Visions produced a custom projection-mapping pixel template and consulted with the production’s media teams as all additional assets were created.  Integrated Visions also handled live playback of all media during the shoot and brought on live projection giant DWP Live, who provided the projection equipment and specialized labor needed to execute the displays flawlessly.

Both Integrated Visions and DWP Live are particularly pleased to have brought the stunning, transformative effects of this technology to an incredible non-profit project with such a vital message. The results were truly spectacular, and such spectacle couldn’t have gone to a better cause.


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