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Martha Stewart/Dom Perignon


Geodesic dome projection at Martha Stewart’s Home in The Hamptons for the release of Dom Perignon’s special 1998 vintage “P2″:

To celebrate the release of their new “P2” vintage, Dom Perignon teamed up with the legendary Martha Stewart to host a lavish star-studded event at Martha Stewart’s private home in The Hamptons. Guests included icons Howard Stern, Matthew Broderick, Sara Jessica Parker, and more. A massive full dome was set up on the lawn and featured an immersive full dome projection piece “Evolution2” by Leo Kuelbs Collection and Glowing Bulbs. Integrated Visions Productions provided projection and audio support inside the dome. Nothing less than perfect will do for Dom Perignon and Martha Stewart and the execution went flawlessly. The A-list guests were spellbound, and the projection display was praised both by Martha Stewart on her personal blog and in press about the event.


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