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Impermanence - Form and Substance


"Impermanence" on "Spindle" by Henry Moore

“Impermanence” is a site specific work that explores the ephemeral nature of all experience. This work was created by Integrated Visions as part of Form and Substance: Miami 2015, a group exhibition that featured a projection installation that turned the Spindle, a 17’ tall marble sculpture by Henry Moore, into a digital canvas to show works created by four artist teams from around the world.

To projection map this complex surface, a pixel perfect model of the Spindle sculpture was necessary. To create this model, DWP Live laser scanned the lobby with LIDAR, creating a point cloud that not only captured the sculpture itself, but also the surrounding environment. The resulting point cloud data allowed DWP Live’s projection team to create a projection design for the installation that kept the projectors out of sight while seamlessly covering the Spindle with digital imagery.


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