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UPS - Projection onto Moving Boxes


Disguise Blacktrax Rigid Body Projection Mapping: To augment a private commemoration by their CEO, Integrated Visions Productions worked closely with shipping industry giant UPS to create a dynamic projection mapping show that turned moving boxes into projection surfaces as they were carried around the stage by UPS employees during the presentation finale. The Integrated Visions team tracked the location of the boxes in real time using the Blacktrax motion tracking system. This tracking data was used by Disguise media servers to warp and blend the media in real time across four projectors to projection map video onto the surfaces of boxes as they were moved around the stage. At the end of the show, the boxes were stacked together to create a single large display, a stunning finish to a captivating presentation that was like magic for both the audience and the presenters.

Projection Mapping by Integrated Visions Productions Disguise Blacktrax Integration by Integrated Visions Productions and Savages Blacktrax provided and operated by Visional Productions Projection Support provided by PMR Production


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