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Club Raw


Recognizing the potential for projection mapping for nightlife, Jim Stryker, owner of popular Chattanooga nightclub RAW, decided to reach out to us as projection mapping experts to collaborate on the nightclub’s renovation and bring the space to life.

Toward that end, we have installed a cutting-edge projection mapped system that covers virtually every wall in the club’s upstairs space, wrapping around the audience with a geometric matrix that seems to emanate animated video from within. Custom-produced panels by Stretch Shapes link together to form a timeless pattern, a perfect template for the complex animated effects and illusions that now surround the entire space.

Ten 3,300 lumen short throw projectors were used to project onto the panels, driven by two linked media servers that work together to drive the custom media content, which is over 11,000 pixels wide, across all ten displays.  This entire setup is then able to be controlled by the club’s staff and DJ via a tailor-made touch panel controller.

This vibrant installation illuminates the popular lounge like never before, expanding it beyond its own walls with a grandeur both profound and playful. The new RAW Nightclub will certainly be a sight to see for both native Chattanoogans and the many visitors who come to see the city’s many attractions every week, a crowning development in a thriving nightlife community.


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